A mistake that is common combining sentences utilising the – ing

A mistake that is common combining sentences utilising the – ing

Hanging Modifiers

A mistake that is common combining sentences utilizing the – ing verb form is always to misplace the modifier such that it just isn’t logically linked to the rest of the phrase. This produces a modifier that is dangling . Glance at the example that is following

Running throughout the parking great deal, my breath expanded ragged and superficial.

In this phrase, running over the parking area generally seems to alter my breathing. Since breathing cannot jog, the phrase should really be rewritten so your subject is positioned soon after the modifier or included with the dangling expression.

Running throughout the parking area, we felt my breath grow ragged and shallow.

Joining Modifier

Some sentences may be combined utilizing an – ed verb type— stopped, finished, played. To utilize this technique, one of several sentences must include a form of become as an assisting verb besides the – ed verb type. Take a good look at the example that is following

Initial sentences: The Jones family members had been delayed by a traffic jam. They arrived hours that are several the celebration began.

Revised sentence: Delayed by a traffic jam, the Jones family members arrived hours that are several the celebration began.

Within the initial variation, had been will act as a helping verb —it does not have any meaning on it’s own, however it acts a grammatical function by putting the key verb ( delayed) within the perfect tense.

For connecting two sentences utilizing an first site – ed modifier, drop the assisting verb ( ended up being) while the topic ( the Jones family) through the phrase with an – ed verb type. This kinds a modifying expression ( delayed by way of a traffic jam) which can be put into the end or beginning for the other phrase in accordance with which fits best. Just like the – ing modifier, be mindful to place the term that the phrase modifies just after the expression to avoid a dangling modifier.

Making use of ing that is – ed modifiers will help streamline your writing by drawing apparent connections between two sentences. Have a look at exactly just how Naomi might utilize modifiers in her own paragraph.

The revised form of the essay uses the – ing modifier opting to draw a match up between your government’s decision to bail the banks out together with results of that decision—the purchase for the mortgage-backed securities.

Joining >Another strategy that article writers utilize to mix sentences is always to join them employing a general clause. a general clause is a band of terms which contains an interest and a verb and defines a noun. Relative clauses work as adjectives by responding to concerns such as which one? or what type? Relative clauses start out with a pronoun that is relative such as for instance whom, which, where, why, or whenever. See the examples that are following

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